Diversity through music

A curated music education program designed to include every member of our community – including you!

Clazzical Notes is multi-cultural

We believe music is the language of understanding and connection. At our performances, you will recognize sounds of your and other ethnic groups – while also finding new unexplored music that resonates for you.  Come enjoy the rap room!

Clazzical Notes is multi-generational

Whether you want to rediscover the music of your youth or branch into completely new sounds – there will be something on our program for you.

Clazzical Notes brings history to life

Our program is designed to build bridges for communication. Join us and engage with popular artists in our PREP TALK segment. Hear what influences their cultural and music interpretations.

Clazzical Notes is music – but not as you know it!

We create cultural understanding through a unique mix of musical styles and cultures. At our performances, you will hear genres you have never heard before. And you will go home with an enhanced grasp of international music. You will enjoy the programs engaging musical motifs.

Clazzical Notes supports youth and multicultural awareness

We provide students with an opportunity to understand the cultural diversity within their schools and communities. Through music, they gain an appreciation for their unique differences.

The program also includes content specially targeted for students studying history, music and theatre.

Clazzical Notes supports other non-profits in our community

We partner with other nonprofits serving under-resourced communities and ethnic youth groups. These include local cultural community institutions, public schools & college partnerships, nonprofit programs serving under-served communities, and much more. Together, we are stronger.

 Clazzical Notes is an affordable program

We want to make music available to every member of our community. We strive to keep concert prices affordable and free of charge to students K-12.

 Music can show our common humanity and be our unifying language. Join us and start a new community dialogue – one of curiosity, understanding and acceptance of our cultural differences.